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About Us

Our business started in 1975 with my grandparents, Hoyt and Doris Lane.  My dad and grandfather worked together doing residential jobs for different people.  Later on, they started doing work for different commercial contractors.  In doing this, they were now traveling quite often to different job sites including several out-of-state, which included jobs in TN, MS, FL, GA, and KY.  The business was incorporated in 1992.

When my grandparents got ready to retire, my dad and mom bought my grandparents' part of the business.  When my dad and mom took over, the business changed to doing mostly just commercial jobs for different contractors.  My dad bids the jobs, works the jobs, runs the crews, and talks to all of the contractors (alot), and my mom keeps up with all of the paperwork and payroll that is associated with all of the jobs (again, it's alot).  When my brother, Will, finished NWSCC, he went to work full time with the business on the contract side of the business.

In 2008, the business expanded to have 2 office locations.  The 2nd office opened in Florence, AL, and is a plumbing service / repair business that offers 24 / 7 emergency service calls to both residential and commercial customers.  After working with Pilgrim's Pride for almost 5 years, I left to start working for the family business at the Florence office keeping up with all of the paperwork, calls, and whatever else there may be.

The Russellville office (contract side) has a crew of 11 guys, and the Florence office (service side) has a crew of 4 guys.   God has truly blessed this family business, and we give Him all the honor and glory for the years we have been in business and for the years to come.

1st -- Me (Whitney) with my parents Lynn and Sheilah and my brother, Will

2nd -- Whitney and Will

3rd -- My grandparents, Hoyt and Doris Lane

4th -- Me and my husband, Craig, who is a civil engineer with Garver Engineers

In Business
Since 1975

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